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I care deeply about Durango, the character of our town, our quality of life here, and opportunities for our citizens. My mission through my years of service has always been to ensure that local citizens’ voices are heard, respected and represented. I have gained important experience and stayed in tune with issues that matter to Durangoans. I would like to use my skills and strengths to advance, enhance and support the character and qualities that make Durango special, for all of us who are lucky enough to call this place home.

Growing Our Way

Best Days Ahead: I firmly believe that our best days are ahead IF we prioritize and plan for the future and make the right decisions now.

Managing Our Growth: We are at a critical juncture in Durango. Growth is inevitable, a present and future reality. I am committed to partnering with you to make responsible, reasonable and realistic decisions.

Where and How:  We must have meaningful community dialogue about where and how we want to grow and ensure that all families have the opportunity to live and work in our community.

Grow The Right Way: We must creatively manage growth in order to protect our quality of life and Durango’s unique character, while simultaneously providing good paying jobs and a range of safe and affordable options for housing, commuting, and retail.

Strengthening Our Infrastructure

Gateway to Our Community: Our infrastructure is both the gateway and the backbone of our community. Good infrastructure will hold us together and provide core stability.  We have to invest in this core for our long-term health and well-being. Infrastructure impacts everything that we do – our economy, productivity and competitiveness.

Biggest Challenge: One of our biggest challenges is that pressing infrastructure demands are not limited to the city. Two recently proposed ballot initiatives – for the airport and for roads and bridges -were not approved by local voters.  We, as a community, must go back to the drawing board and rethink project costs and priorities and consider a wide variety of funding sources.

Multi-Modal: Residents want to see safe commuting and crossing options for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.  The city has identified over 450 projects to improve transportation. We must prioritize key projects that improve traveling safety for our citizens.

Transportation: Our transportation system is in jeopardy due to expected cuts in grant funding. Public transportation provides access and connectivity and improves the quality of life for all residents by reducing the number of cars on the road. This is an important social service and we need to look for creative and reasonable solutions to sustain it.

Transparent Fiscal Oversight

Fiduciary Oversight: Prioritizing needs and allocating your hard-earned tax dollars is critically important. One of my most important contributions as a City Council member will be providing fiduciary responsibility and oversight regarding where and how we will use our limited resources.

Fiscally conservative: I am fiscally conservative and financially effective. I have an MBA and extensive financial experience. I have worked for many years to insure financial viability for a variety of organizations with scarce resources.

Transparent and Accountable: I am accountable and transparent. I look forward to digging into the budgeting process with vigor, becoming fully informed on how and where we are spending our money and communicating those findings to you.

Melissa Youssef: Durango City Councilor

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