Melissa Youssef

My husband and I moved our family to this lovely corner of Colorado in 1997. Our priority was to raise our three children in a safe, healthy place where we could pursue our passions for recreation, culture and education in the stimulating environment of an engaged community. Driven by a strong desire to wholeheartedly participate in my new community, I immediately immersed myself in all things Durango.  I spent a lot of time, energy and thought identifying the community values most important to me. 

My commitment to those values has been the cornerstone of my community service for over two decades now. I will always care deeply about the character of our town, the quality of life, and the opportunities for our citizens. Serving Durango and helping to shape its future motivate me every day.


In my professional life, I’ve accumulated more than thirty years of experience and expertise in business management, funding, finance and mapping out solid and sustainable paths to propel projects and organizations forward. I founded and served as CEO of a successful, Durango-based medical billing firm.

In my public service life, I’ve held multiple leadership roles and participated on numerous boards of directors. I have specialized in creative fundraising and achievable financial planning, teamwork and consensus building among diverse population groups with varying motivations and interests. My economics background, coupled with my MBA, has provided a solid platform for achieving progress and momentum in challenging situations where fiscal revenue has been depleted and resources tapped out, amid competing stakeholder interests. I have been adept at maximizing use of all the resources available to each organization I’ve worked with, and successful in ensuring that the financial realities of all these organizations align with their visions.

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Durango City Council (April 2017 – April 2021)

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Your Vision - Your Values - Your Voice

I care deeply about Durango, the character of our town, our quality of life here, and opportunities for our citizens. My mission through my years of service has always been to ensure that local citizens’ voices are heard, respected and represented. I have gained important experience and stayed in tune with issues that matter to Durangoans. I would like to use my skills and strengths to advance, enhance and support the character and qualities that make Durango special, for all of us who are lucky enough to call this place home.