American Rivers Podcast – Ripple Effects Episode 2: Durango, Colorado

In April of 2019 it will be two years since I had the pleasure of taking office as a Durango City Councilor.  Each week brings new challenges and issues to the table – issues that require research, community outreach, and creative thinking.  Although I have taken a break from active blogging to focus on the challenges of the job, I do want to share a podcast that I recently collaborated on with American Rivers, a Colorado-based non-profit dedicated to protecting wild rivers, restoring damaged rivers, and conserving clean water for people and nature. It was a fun project, highlighting the importance of investing in natural resource-based community assets that improve our quality of life, enhance our enjoyment of the outdoors, and bring tourist dollars to our local economy.

American Rivers has created a podcast series showing how communities across Colorado are reconnecting with their local rivers. They discuss how local protection and restoration efforts encourage new recreation in and along river corridors, driving economic prosperity and connecting both community members and tourists to local rivers.  They point out how, as local communities change their outlooks on local rivers, they discover the many community benefits of a healthy ecosystem, including the fact that recreation enhancements improve and sustain local economies.

I had the privilege of working with American Rivers on the podcast Ripple Effects Episode 2: Durango, Colorado  American Rivers. This is the second podcast in the new series and features Durango and the Animas River (the first podcast featured the city of Montrose and the Uncompahgre River). Writing and speaking about Durango’s relationship with the Animas River is of great interest to me, and hopefully to all residents of Durango, as we mull over the benefits of investing our Durango tax dollars in Parks and Recreation amenities, including the health, well-being, and accessibility of the Animas River and the Animas River Trail.

I believe you will find the podcast thought provoking and applicable, as we continue to debate our community’s priorities and the limited funding sources available.

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Ripple Effects Episode 2: Durango, Colorado

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