Durango City Council adopts specific policy goals to guide staff

Durango City Council’s policy goals changed this week for the first time in five years, despite an almost $30 million revenue increase since 2014.

Most of the money the city spends to keep services and maintain infrastructure comes from taxpayers, and financial direction comes from goals established by the City Council each year. The objectives are designed to be overarching and strategic guides for city investment in staff time and resources.

Since 2014, councilors kept the same four goals for city staff, each with three objectives by which to achieve the goals. In short, the goals are: promote community sustainability; foster civic engagement and democracy; demonstrate government performance; and envision Durango’s sense of place.

Two new councilors, Kim Baxter and Barbara Noseworthy, encouraged colleagues to set more specific and measurable goals after their election in April. Mayor Melissa Youssef criticized the existing goals in an op-ed in The Durango Herald earlier this year, saying they “are broad, big-picture goals and don’t provide focused and measurable objectives for city staff.”

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