Durango mayor pledges to rebuild trust

City Council to chart course for greater community engagement

Some Durango residents have criticized city government for not adhering to the will of the people; City Councilor Melissa Youssef acknowledged as much in her first address as mayor.

But city officials said the city is in constant, two-way communication with residents: “We do a great job, but we have a lot of room for improvement,” said Amber Blake, assistant city manager.

City Council is prepared to take on that challenge, Youssef said. Councilors must tackle the issue by making themselves available for direct communication with the public when residents have concerns or feedback about policies, Youssef said.

“I think all of this ability to work on rebuilding trust starts with direct communication with your City Council. Direct, meaning we basically report to the electorate,” Youssef said. “Direct contact to council is something we really want to encourage.”

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Read the full article from the Durango Herald on April 23rd by Bret Hauff by clicking here.

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