Homelessness divides Durango City Council

Two recently elected city councilors pushed their colleagues to answer a question some members of the community, city government and civil rights groups have been asking for years: What role does the city have to play in addressing homelessness?

The question, for all intents and purposes, went unanswered Tuesday at a special study session attended by more than a dozen people. Mayor Melissa Youssef said the City Council will continue to discuss the question at an all-day retreat Wednesday, when councilors plan to discuss their collective goals for the next two years.

Youssef suggested the council be diligent in deciding the city’s role.

“We’re addressing it (homelessness) right now in the way we deem most appropriate, which is engaging experts, seeking feedback through the community. That’s an essential step. As much as I’d like to see us take proactive action, I recognize the need to consider all factors involved,” she said.

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