Melissa Youssef Appointed Durango Mayor

On April 16th, 2019, Durango City Council welcomed two new members and appointed Melissa Youssef as the new mayor as longtime councilors Sweetie Marbury and Dick White step off the dais.

Kim Baxter and Barbara Noseworthy were sworn in as city councilors, replacing Marbury and White. Councilors appointed Melissa Youssef, former mayor pro tempore, to mayor. Councilor Dean Brookie will serve as her mayor pro tempore.  The City Council is now represented by three women and two men.

Youssef addressed the public after her appointment, pledging to do her best to listen and represent the diverse views of Durango residents. She recognized a rift in trust between some residents and the council and committed to bridging that gap. The process of rebuilding trust will take years, she said.

Read the full article from the Durango Herald on April 16th by Bret Hauff by clicking here.

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