Melissa Youssef is a community advocate, consensus builder, advisor, and team leader, committed to promoting, facilitating, and supporting superior quality of life for all residents in her community of Durango, Colorado.

Her service in multiple leadership roles and on numerous Boards of Directors in La Plata County, from 2000 to the present, is a testimony to her dedication to the causes she is committed to. She specializes in creative fundraising and team building to maximize use of all the resources available to the organizations she is involved with, along with playing a key role in mapping out solid and sustainable paths for them to move forward. Her expertise in business and economics provides a platform for creating progress and momentum in challenging situations where fiscal revenue is depleted, resources are tapped out, and divergent stakeholder interests are in competition.

Melissa brings experience, maturity and wisdom to such situations, overcoming division and roadblocks to productivity, while building teamwork and consensus. She is adept at ensuring that the financial realities of organizations are aligned with their visions.

Melissa understands the relevance of outdoor recreation to quality of life, tourism, healthy community growth and viability. She is passionate about educational opportunities and choice for all students in La Plata County and enthusiastic about expanding and developing arts and culture throughout the community. Her efforts focus on projects that serve these components of community life – schools, outdoor recreation, arts and culture – with the ultimate goal of maximizing the quality of life, economic health, and vitality of La Plata County.

Melissa Youssef and her husband, acclaimed spine surgeon Jim Youssef, MD, live, and have raised their three children, in Durango since 1997.

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