Teens Thrive- Durango Mental Health Initiative

New Initiative in Durango Focuses on Teen Suicide, Bullying and Mental Health Awareness


We want our teens to live lives of joy and purpose. Far too often that joy can be diminished if that teen is grappling with mental health issues or facing extreme social challenges, like bullying. With the intent of providing healing tools and empowerment to teens so that they may thrive amidst the pressures of adolescence, a group called Tiospaye Living Vision 4 has begun the Teens with a Purpose Thrive initiative.

The ultimate goal of the initiative is to support teens across Southwest Colorado by not only bringing awareness to the stark realities of teen suicide, bullying and depression, but also by bringing a plan of action, tools and solutions to alleviate these problems. It is a comprehensive approach based on instilling respect, dignity and confidence in young adults.  

To kick off their fundraising goal of $100,000, Living Vision 4 is hosting two benefit concerts with silent auctions, collectively called “Unity for Youth.” Proceeds, along with any direct donations received, will support a series of youth empowerment events at middle schools around the region. The in-school events, known as Epic Days, are created in collaboration with The Hero Project, a nationally-recognized best practices methodology designed to create a culture shift in our school communities.

The Teens with a Purpose Thrive initiative is already kicking into full gear. The two concert and silent auction benefits are this week: Friday, January 27, and Saturday, January 28, and the first Epic Day is already slated for Bayfield Middle School in early February.

Posters for the events are below and a full overview can be found here. As with any worthy endeavor, there is a large community coming together to make this happen. The overview shares credit between The Hero Project and Tiospaye, which is a leadership organization that serves as the umbrella non-profit for Living Vision 4’s Teens with a Purpose Thrive initiative. If you would like more information about the local events or would like donate to the regionally-focused Teens with a Purpose Thrive initiative, please visit and

I sincerely appreciate the efforts of this group and encourage all my friends and fellow citizens to attend their upcoming benefits.


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