Our View: Vote Youssef, Bosmans, Furtney for City Council

Voters in the Durango City Council election that ends at 7 p.m. Tuesday, April 6, have time to drop their ballots in the drop boxes around town, but they should not put them in the mail between now and then. The postal service, which includes a roundtrip to Albuquerque, should not be counted on. Besides, mailing your ballot would cost 55 cents.

The Herald’s editorial board made its recommendations two weeks ago, before ballots were available, and a reminder may be worthwhile. They have not changed: Melissa Youssef, a superb communicator, for a second four years; Olivier Bosmans, for his extensive engineering background; and Seth Furtney, for his past career as a contracts manager.

Readers can see that aside from Youssef’s proven impressive familiarity with Durango city government, the editorial board wants to add more business experience to the council. (Note that Youssef has business experience, too; she owned and operated a medical billing company.)

When it comes to new initiatives and expanding the old, Youssef is on board and leading. She is pleased with the city’s strategic plan efforts, and that the city is now preparing much more realistic budgets. She is approachable and knowledgeable and applies good judgment. Vote for Melissa Youssef.

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