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  • Complex Homeless Issue Weighs Heavily on Durango Residents


    Dear Durango Community-

    What are the biggest issues challenging Durango?

    All five candidates running for Durango City Council have repeatedly been asked this question in recent weeks. Our answers are appearing in writing in The Durango Herald and The Durango Telegraph, and have been verbalized at a variety of pre-election forums.

    I initially campaigned on the themes of […]

  • A View From the Campaign Trail – March 2017

    I have been wanting to send an update for weeks now..… This campaign is a B-I-G effort and has been a full-time-PLUS job in terms of time and energy as I do my very best to earn your confidence and the trust of the Durango community. I am working hard to prepare and position myself […]

  • Teens Thrive- Durango Mental Health Initiative

    New Initiative in Durango Focuses on Teen Suicide, Bullying and Mental Health Awareness

    We want our teens to live lives of joy and purpose. Far too often that joy can be diminished if that teen is grappling with mental health issues or facing extreme social challenges, like bullying. With the intent of providing healing tools and […]

  • Interview with Cathy Metz – Director of Parks and Recreation

    Q & A with Cathy Metz

    Cathy Metz has served the City of Durango as Parks and Recreation Director for 20 years. The Parks and Recreation Department is nationally accredited by the Commission for Accreditation of Park and Recreation Agencies. Under her leadership, the Parks and Recreation Department has earned many accolades, including the National Gold […]

  • History of Organic Parks in Durango

    Organic Park Management in Durango, Plus a Q&A with Cathy Metz, Parks and Recreation Director
    Last week on “Your Front Seat,” guest contributor Cody Reinheimer wrote a blog post on Durango’s efforts with organic park management and the Organic Parks Durango organization. This week, I’ll begin with a summary and brief history of the topic. Then, […]

  • Happy Thanksgiving

    Hello Friends!
    Just a note to let you know how GRATEFUL I am to be on this journey with you through my blog, “Your Front Row Seat.” I’ve learned so much and gained so much inspiration! I’ve never been more sure of my personal mission to serve my beloved community of Durango since beginning this blog […]

  • Bill Zimsky on Airports, Roads and Bridges – Guest Opinion

    Guest Opinion: Bill Zimsky on Airports, Roads and Bridges in La Plata County
    Now that the voters have rejected mill levy increases for both the expansion of the airport and for a dedicated fund for improving the County’s roads and bridges the natural follow up question is how should proponents of these two proposals move forward […]

  • Durango Transit – Here Today, Gone Tomorrow?

    “You can’t get there from here!”  These words are NOT a hallmark of a healthy community!

    Public transportation has been a vitally important social service for Durango since 1982, connecting residents to jobs (a low cost commuting alternative – and for some, the only option), medical care, school and other important amenities. Beyond meeting these basic […]