Editorials from the Mayoral desk of Melissa Youssef.

Mayor Columns

  • This is why we’re scrutinizing city’s budget

    As I write this column we’re still enjoying beautiful fall weather – but I’m reminded I’m past the halfway point in my term as mayor. As you know if you’ve been reading my monthly columns and following local news, my first six months were challenging in many ways.

    The theme of my first mayoral column was…

  • There’s more to city budgeting than ‘simple math’

    Our city’s annual budgeting process is now underway and won’t be completed until December.

    I can speak for City Council when I assure you that we’re always cognizant of the fact that the decisions we make must accurately reflect the needs, desires and values of the residents of Durango.

    How much we accomplish during 2020 may appear…

  • Here’s how we’ll choose our next city manager

    During a city council meeting on Aug. 20, City Manager Ron LeBlanc announced his retirement after almost 12 years of service.

    Although his announcement took City Council by surprise, we recognize that change is healthy and represents new and dynamic opportunities.

    We thank Ron for his service to Durango and celebrate the many contributions of his tenure.…

  • On streets, Durango is already ahead of the game

    All over the world and through the ages, streets historically served as the most basic public spaces in communities.

    Streets were populated by local markets and door-to-door vendors. They were places where residents could catch up on local news and exchange ideas. Elderly people could safely sit at their doorways and chat with neighbors. Children played…

  • Animas River Trail a glorious work in progress

    What a wonderful time of year to be in Durango!

    City council has worked hard throughout June and made significant progress on a number of important projects. I’m very optimistic that our efforts will pay off in ways that make Durango an ever better place to live and work for all of us.

    Summer months bring endless…

  • New Council and fresh restart for city

    Spring has arrived in Durango and change is in the air.

    Mother Nature delivered both negatives and positives this past year, with a devastating drought and a wildfire that raged for months on end, followed by flooding and mud slides. Thankfully, winter brought abundant moisture and a snowpack that will go a long way toward refilling…