• American Rivers Podcast – Ripple Effects Episode 2: Durango, Colorado

    I want to share a podcast that I recently collaborated on with American Rivers, a Colorado-based non-profit dedicated to protecting wild rivers, restoring damaged rivers, and conserving clean water for people and nature. It was a fun project, highlighting the importance of investing in natural resource-based community assets that improve our quality of life, enhance our enjoyment of the outdoors, and bring tourist dollars to our local economy.
  • Interview with Cathy Metz – Director of Parks and Recreation

    Q & A with Cathy Metz

    Cathy Metz has served the City of Durango as Parks and Recreation Director for 20 years. The Parks and Recreation Department is nationally accredited by the Commission for Accreditation of Park and Recreation Agencies. Under her leadership, the Parks and Recreation Department has earned many accolades, including the National Gold…

  • History of Organic Parks in Durango

    Organic Park Management in Durango, Plus a Q&A with Cathy Metz, Parks and Recreation Director
    Last week on “Your Front Seat,” guest contributor Cody Reinheimer wrote a blog post on Durango’s efforts with organic park management and the Organic Parks Durango organization. This week, I’ll begin with a summary and brief history of the topic. Then,…

  • E-Bikes on Durango Trails

    Backed by support from the Parks and Recreation and the Natural Lands Advisory Boards, the Durango City Council prohibited electronic bikes on city trails as of May 2016. Safety was cited as the primary reason for the ban.

    As indicated by our community’s passionate response to the ban, allowing electronic bikes (also called e-bikes or pedal-assist)…

  • Recreation and Usage at Lake Nighthorse

    There’s no question that Durango residents want public access for recreation on Lake Nighthorse. It is, however, a complicated and contentious issue with many stakeholders involved. After decades of negotiation, progress remains slow. However, ongoing dialogue and developments give residents reason to hope.

    The City of Durango has been working with the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation…

  • Durango Parks and Recreation Roadmap and Priorities

    It has been my privilege to serve on the City of Durango Parks and Recreation Advisory Board since January 2014. Members of the Board collectively provide recommendations to City Council on matters relating to the development, maintenance and improvements of parks, hard-surface trails, community forest and community facilities used for recreation. Beyond focusing on resources…