Newsletter 13

My blog this week addresses the all too important issue of the wellbeing of our teens. Unfortunately, many teens struggle with depression or other mental-health challenges, or are dealing with difficult social pressures, including bullying. Teen suicide is occurring far too often within our region. With the intent of providing healing tools and empowerment to teens so that they may thrive, a group called Tiospaye Living Vision 4 has begun the Teens with a Purpose Thrive initiative.

Please read more about how this group is hosting two exciting and important fundraisers—this week-end—to empower middle-school youth across the region. It’s such a critical issue, I hope you can get involved.

On a personal note, on January 11, 2017, I announced my intention to run for the Durango City Council. It’s a job I’ve been preparing for the majority of my adult life, and particularly during the past 15 years as I served the community as a volunteer. I’m excited to have officially thrown my hat into the ring and, hopefully, to earn the privilege of serving Durango as a Council member. Since the announcement, I’ve been overwhelmed with well wishes. Your messages and kind words have energized me and have affirmed the devotion I feel toward our community. From the bottom of my heart: thank you for your support.

I’m humbled by the confidence many of you have placed in me, and I don’t mistake that confidence for implicit approval. It’s my responsibility to earn your vote. I intend to do so with a clear vision for our community, with integrity, and with an unwavering commitment to transparency and accountability. (For an overview of my campaign platform, please

I welcome any and all questions (email:, and I look forward to the conversations that will transpire.

With gratitude and excitement,

Melissa Youssef
Blogger, ‘Your Front Row Seat’

Focusing on Issues and Initiatives Significant to All who Call Durango Home

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Published: January 26, 2017