Newsletter 8


Happy Thanksgiving!

I so appreciate you faithfully returning to ‘Your Front Row Seat,’ each week!

The recent launch of this blog marked a turning point in my life. I saw it as an extension of my commitment to serve my community – a way to encourage a two-way conversation that would facilitate the active involvement of more community members in local issues – and also a way to share what’s going on ‘behind the scenes’ (at the board meetings and work sessions I attend as a member) with all those of you who care deeply about Durango’s future.

As the months have passed, my vision for ‘Your Front Row Seat’ has expanded. It’s important to me that all discussions and decisions regarding Durango’s future be open and transparent, I want you, and every other citizen of Durango, to have a voice.

I want to create a place for locals to weigh in with a variety of perspectives and potential solutions. I want to offer a platform for you, and your neighbors, to call attention to what local issues you are most passionate about.

As I reflect on Thanksgiving, I feel a bit overwhelmed with how very many things I have to be thankful for. And I have to include among those things my experience with ‘Your Front Row Seat.’ Here are the top four things I’m most grateful for with respect to this blog.

1 – I’m incredibly thankful for all the people I’m hearing from. THANK YOU for raising your hands and speaking up! I couldn’t be more thrilled with the conversations – and collaborations – that are emerging! And we’re just getting started!

2 – It’s been amazing for me to meet, via ‘Your Front Row Seat’, new people and to reconnect with so many friends and colleagues I haven’t heard from in a while. It’s amazing to find a new and positive forum for working with other community activists that I’ve known and worked with in various other venues!

3 – I’m very thankful that you, my readers, genuinely care about the issues you care about – that you are not complacent, that you want and need your voices to be heard.

4 – Learning is so important to me, just as giving back is. I’m very grateful that his blog is providing ample opportunities for both!

Before I sign off and begin to celebrate all that is good in life during this Thanksgiving holiday week, I want you to know that I sent out my first (of many) reader surveys last week. I plan to do this regularly to ensure I’m hearing straight from you about what you’d like me to cover on future posts on ‘Your Front Row Seat.’ I’ll let you know the results in an upcoming newsletter and blog post.

Thank you again, so much, for your time and for being a part of ‘Your Front Row Seat.’ More to come soon! Until then, enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend!

Melissa Youssef
Blogger, ‘Your Front Row Seat’

Focusing on Issues and Initiatives Significant to All who Call Durango Home

P.S. I’d like to give special recognition to Bill Zimsky, a local attorney who wrote an astute election recap blog post last week for ‘Your Front Row Seat’ focusing on regional ballot initiatives. I received so many comments in response to your post, Bill. THANK YOU so much for your timely and thought provoking contribution!

P.P.S. Please remember that you’re invited to add your comments beneath any of my blog posts. You can also hit reply to this e-mail or contact me directly at Please don’t hesitate to let me know what you’d like to see more of – and thank you so much for sitting in each week on ‘Your Front Row Seat.’



Published: November 23, 2016